Aquinoe Learning Centre
Another successful quiz
Auction of paintings raises £125 – thanks to artist Olwyn
Raising money for children in Kitale
Great total from quiz – almost £800
Talk about Aquinoe at St Giles church, Shipbourne. Last year we received generous donation from church for water harvesting.
Exciting quiz ends with “Hungovers” just half point ahead of “Let’s Get Quizzical”

About the ALC

At the ALC Charitable Trust we are working hard to raise awareness and funding to help children at the Aquinoe Learning Centre in Kenya. The school, founded in 1998 and having a staff of thirty three, is located in Kitale, about 390 kilometres (242 miles) from Nairobi. Of the two hundred pupils at the school, twenty six have special needs. Many of the families are very poor, and some of the children are orphans, so both of these groups are in desperate need of assistance.

Our Mission

Aquinoe Learning Centre in Kenya provides inclusive education for children in and around Kitale. This means that all pupils are welcome at the school, whether they are ‘mainstream’ or not. Some children have physical, sensory or learning disabilities, while others are orphans, or have parents with financial difficulties. The ALC Charitable Trust provides support so that the school is able to carry out its aim of being truly inclusive.