Aquinoe Learning Centre




The quiz, which has become an annual event, was again a great success.

Team warm up

It took place on November 24th at the Teen and Twenty Club in Tonbridge. This was a new venue, as the Social Club at Pembury Hospital had been closed in January 2007 in case the plans for the new hospital, which had been in the system for many years, were approved. In the event, building has still not begun!

This year a total of thirteen teams entered. There were several unusual rounds, like “Myth and Fairytale”, “Districts of Kent” and “Signs of the Zodiac”, which the participants seemed to enjoy.


Totting up the scores

The winning team was “Does Grey Matter?” It’s not clear whether the answer is “yes” or “no”!

The quiz and raffle combined raised over £530 for Aquinoe, a tremendous total. Once again we are grateful for the many donations of prizes, which ensured the raffle was successful.

Team photo

In addition to this, we were able to sell a variety of items:

  • Calendars, produced by a friend, and showing photos of the school and pupils for each month

  • Beautiful bags, made from banana leaves by the tailoring department at Aquinoe

  • Fashionable cloth bags created by one of the trustees, Tina

  • Donations of scarves and gloves from a friend who owns a shop

These sales raised about another £100.