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Stanley’s Birthday

Stanley’s Birthday

Stanley’s Birthday

April 2008 – Stanley’s Party Update

More and more cheques have been coming in from Stanley’s friends, and the total raised for his sixtieth birthday party has now risen to a staggering £1902. It’s impossible to thank everyone enough for their incredible generosity.

2nd February – Stanley’s Birthday Party

Stanley Slaughter, a supporter of the Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust from its inception in 2004, reached the age of sixty in January 2008. This was marked by a large party on February 2nd, to which many friends were invited. Stanley stated that he would prefer not have any presents, but suggested that people might like to donate to the ALC. His friends responded to this request in an amazing fashion, and a total of over £1500 was raised for the charity. This is a tremendous total, and the trustees would like to thank Stanley, Linda and all of their friends for such a wonderful gift.

Party on!

Elvis and Stanley