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Resource Centre

Resource Centre

For several years, Josphat’s biggest dream has been the building of a resource centre at the school for the children with disabilities. This, however, would have cost a great deal and therefore would have taken the charity several years to be able to fund.

When Tina and Jean visited the school in April 2007, they met someone who explained about the Kitchen Table Charitable Trust (KTCT)

On their return, they investigated and found that the KTCT had been set up by John Humphrys to help small charities just like the ACL, particularly in Africa. It took many months to prepare a suitable bid, and this was sent off in April 2008.

On June 4th, we heard the wonderful news that the bid for £8100 had been successful.

Currently, the children with special educational needs at the school have just one room, which is used for both physiotherapy and individual/small group teaching. It is therefore difficult to do either task effectively, or to give the pupils sufficient time for individualised learning.

The planned Resource Centre building will have:

  • Physical therapy room

  • Three small rooms for one-to-one & small group work

  • Recreation room

  • Office

  • Kitchen & pantry

  • Store

  • Toilets

  • Reception and waiting area


The resource centre will be a disability friendly area that will facilitate the learning and development of children with a variety of special needs. It will allow the children to learn at their own pace, using their own curriculum, and to be assessed as individuals, while interacting with and learning alongside mainstream pupils.

The building will have wheelchair access and a corridor wide enough for free movement, so will facilitate mobility, something lacking in some of the other school buildings. The small rooms will provide a suitable learning environment for individual and small-group tuition for those with learning difficulties.

The physical therapy room will give privacy for those pupils undertaking treatment, and will provide extra storage room, so more vital equipment can be provided.

Please note that during building the plans were adapted slightly – see the article at Resource Centre