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We held further bootfairs in July and September at Five Oak Green and, a new venue for us, the Hop Farm at Beltring. The latter took place on a Wednesday afternoon, and we were pleased not to have to be up at an unearthly hour to display our wares.

Altogether we made over £300 at these two events, with a record £204 at Five Oak Green. This wonderful total was raised despite the rain which poured down halfway through the morning.

We do enjoy the bootfairs as they provide an opportunity for us to get together, as well as making money. In addition to the trustees and spouses, we also had help displaying and selling goods from Liz and Ruth. The events are also quite interesting as no two are the same – sometimes there will be a run on clothes, while at others it might be books, toys or ornaments.


None of bootfairs would be possible without the generosity of our supporters who, once again, provided us with the articles to sell, which were many and varied.

Getting everything under cover

The rain drove away most customers!