Aquinoe Learning Centre




February 2009 – Winter Transfer

Jean was out of the UK over the autumn and winter so the regular transfer, which the charity normally makes in December, wasn’t sent until February. The £4431 covered salaries for the physiotherapist, tailor plus assistant, and computer teachers as well as funding for the pupils sponsored by particular supporters, more beds for the boys’ dormitory, new classrooms, food and books. In addition, £1161 was sent for the second phase of building for the Resource Centre.


February 2009 – Purchase of Land

After consultation about the priorities for Aquinoe, it was agreed that the £5000 donated just before Christmas would be used to purchase a piece of land adjacent to the school. The price being asked had just been reduced as the owner was very keen to sell and, had the land gone to another buyer, future expansion of the school may well have been hindered.

In the last three years the charity has given enough money to provide new buildings and replace a number of others which were in poor condition.

The new land will extend the boundaries of the school and give the opportunity to provide a better, wider education for local pupils in years to come.