Aquinoe Learning Centre

Future Projects

Future Projects

Future Projects

The trustees, along with another supporter, have spent a substantial amount of time in the last few months investigating new projects for Aquinoe in the coming months and researching possible methods of funding some of these.

Having been presented with a considerable amount of money for books, we decided that funding for a library building would be one of the priorities. Other means of acquiring books have also been probed.

Another idea is the acquisition of land on the outskirts of the town. A large amount of money is spent on food each term but if crops could be grown on school land, this would perform several functions:


  • Money would be saved which could be spent on other items.

  • Possibly more fresh vegetables would be incorporated into the diet.

  • Any surplus could be sold to provide extra income.

  • Some of the pupils could be taught good husbandry if a course was created alongside this project.

Other projects include:

  • New toilets to replace unhygienic existing ones.

  • New classrooms to replace the remainder of the old tatty ones.

  • New dormitory for the girls.

  • New dormitory for the very young children.