Aquinoe Learning Centre

Termly Transfer of Funds

Termly Transfer of Funds

Termly Transfer of Funds

The latest money transfer was another large one, 362,300 Kenyan shillings (just under £3000) including the usual amounts sent for the sponsored children and the “specialist” teachers whose salaries we pay. Money was also sent for:

  • Food – once again, prices are high as the rains were late arriving;

  • Architect’s fees – there are several new projects in the pipeline for which plans will be required, including toilets, wash/shower rooms, girls’ dormitory;

  • Toilets – these are necessary to replace old unhygienic latrines;

  • Water conservation – a continuation of measures already begun;

  • Bookshelves to be erected in an old classroom as there is no library building at present;

  • National curriculum books

This has all been possible through generous donations and various fundraising activities.