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Adrian Volunteers

Adrian Volunteers

Adrian Volunteers

Adrian left the UK for Nairobi on September 29th. He intended spending four weeks in Kitale working as a volunteer but has now decided to stay on for an extra week.

He is a certified “Body Talk” practitioner and a Reiki Master so wanted to work alongside the physiotherapist with some of the children with disabilities.

Adrian has been keeping us all up-to-date with his activities with emails. In the first he said:

All is well here, having a lovely time and enjoying my stay very much.

Am taking lots of photos and video to bring back for you to use on the website. I got a nice video of the children reading in the library and it gives a good idea of size, etc.

The new computers arrived and they were delighted with them. Very impressed by the flat screens!!

Lots of people say Hi and send their love – everybody remembers you fondly and keep asking when you will be back.

The second mail informed us that:

… a baboon stole my camera on one of the school trips so I won’t be able to send the photos until I find a card reader. Managed to retrieve the photo card from the mangled wreckage but the internet cafes don’t have the right slot for it. I know the pics are safe so will get them to you, just a little delayed.

The children are wonderful and we have been on school trips with every one of them now. Plus I took the adults for a dinner and drinks last night so they were very happy with that!