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Another Volunteer – Simon

Another Volunteer – Simon

Another Volunteer – Simon

Simon left the UK in January as he wanted to travel in Uganda before moving on to Kenya to help at the Aquinoe Learning Centre.  He arrived on the 1st February and started work straight away.  Simon’s emails give a greater insight.

1st February 2010

Hi all,  
After a fairly long winded journey to Kitale I have arrived and Josphat the school director seems really nice as do the housekeeping girls. Not sure how that all works but will investigate further. 1st day was spent helping get the next month’s food shopping for the kids done so I have been doing manual labour getting that and firewood sorted with Josphat. Apparently for the next two days I am helping out the physiotherapist with their disabled pupils which will be a new experience. Beyond that I do not know. Josphat and I are going to take some better pictures on Thursday or Friday so I will probably get them up over the weekend!


2nd February 2010

Hi all, 
Nice day at school. Have been helping with the special needs students which was really nice if a little harrowing at times. Some of the poor kids can really not do anything at all which is really sad. Also did some maths marking for one of the teachers. I am due to be working with the occupational therapist for the next couple of days helping with physiotherapy which should be interesting.  
Reason for coming back down to earth is that our wonderful knowledgeable government do not seem to have a clue where you can get malaria in Africa. They claimed on their map for Kenya that there was no need to get malaria drugs in this part of Kenya but I have been down the local clinic with a pupil today who has malaria and I asked the doctor and he said it is an endemic malaria region. Why am I not surprised. Need to get some more drugs but am ok for 3 or so weeks.  
All is good, the director and his daughter, our housekeeper and his ex housekeeper who is now school administrator are all very nice. The kids are excellent if a little tiring with their cries of mzungu (white man!) and wanting to hold my hand and touch me but at least I have got patience with the little ones!

15th February 2010

Hi Jean
All is well here. I have attached some photos for you of the boots and also from a wheel chair donation yesterday by a local Lions club (they also donated pens and pads!). 
I have settled into Kitale very easily indeed. The school is really good and the teachers and staff are doing a really good job. I have been helping out with all sorts of things and have been helping with the special needs kids quite a bit. Am hoping to do some teaching with the other kids at some point this week as I am sure that I can teach them some maths. I am still in the process of writing up a little piece for the website and will get that over to you as soon as possible.
Will email in a couple of days.