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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Dinner  in Mombasa14 May 2010 20:44
Linda and Chris flew in from Mombasa this evening.  Poor Chris has had a bad tummy but manfully joined us in the restaurant tonight and managed to eat a little.  Other than that, they’re well and enjoying Kenya, in particular the friendly people they’ve encountered.


14 May 2010 17:59
Well, what a day!  Totally unplanned, but a very good one, nonetheless.

Some of you may recall that I met a Kenyan lady called Jane on a course at Birmingham University six years ago.  She works with deaf/blind children and does absolutely wonderful work with them.  Tina and I met Jane, her husband, James and some of the family when we were in Nairobi in 2007.  She told us about her dream of setting up an establishment in Nakuru for deaf/blind children which would provide accommodation and education in living skills along with vocational training.  Although we felt we could not help financially ourselves, Tina agreed to apply for a grant in the UK to help the project.

Bags of MaizeWe were hoping to see Jane and family today but it transpired that she had recently won a scholarship to the USA to do a Masters Degree relating to children with visual impairment, so was not in Nairobi.  James, however, has given us a wonderful day.  He took us round the home they run for deaf/blind children here in Nairobi, and showed us bags of maize which have been grown on their farm in Nakuru.Discussing the Nakuru Project


We moved on to the Happy Village for lunch and discussed the Nakuru project in detail at his house.  We also had the opportunity to talk to Jane via Skype, which was brilliant.