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Sad Farewells

Sad Farewells

Sad Farewells

Water Pump Fixed28 May 2010 22:42
Here I am now in Nairobi on my penultimate day in Kenya.

I had a short time at the school this morning and am pleased to say that a guy had come to mend the water pump.  He seemed to be making progress so hopefully the school will have running water again now.

There were some sad goodbyes this morning, but Rachel and Cindy came and saw me off at the airstrip, which was kind of them.  Josphat, who would have been there in normal circumstances had taken the bus to Nairobi in the early hours to register students for some examinations.  I heard this afternoon that the bus had been impounded by police some eighty or so miles from Nairobi and that the passengers had been forced to find other means of transport!

Rachel and Cindy see Jean on her wayFortunately for me, there were no more dramatic changes of flight plans, like Linda and Chris had to endure, although I did arrive a couple of hours early to be on the safe side.  One guy arrived with about five minutes to spare.  “Mm, cutting it a bit fine,” I thought and, as chance would have it, I ended up sitting next to him at the back.  Apparently he’d received a phone call on his mobile just fifteen minutes previously to let him know the plane was about to leave and not, as was printed on his ticket, an hour later.  Interestingly, the later time was on my ticket and, if it hadn’t been for seeing Linda and Chris off earlier in the week, I may well have missed the plane as the company did not know my mobile phone number..

Returning to Rachel, she had only ever seen an aeroplane far off in the sky so was very excited to come up to the airstrip to see me off and very impressed when the plane landed smoothly.

Cory and Maria, Josphat's daughtersI met Cory and Maria, Josphat’s daughters, this evening.and took them out for a meal, seeing some more of Nairobi in the process, including the Parliament buildings, where Kenyatta is buried.  It was lovely to see them both again.

I’m writing this late at night, just before bed and there is a terrible racket (loud music and people enjoying themselves on a Friday night!) from the bar opposite.  I’m wondering whether I shall get much sleep.