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The Airstrip Saga

The Airstrip Saga

The Airstrip Saga

Wating at the Airport17 May 2010 17:57
After the disappointment of the plane not arriving at the airstrip yesterday we were all a bit nervous about what might happen today.  We had been told yesterday evening that Chris and Linda were booked on a flight leaving at 12:30 but there was some scepticism about this as apparently flights usually leave at about 11:15.  So, after an early-ish breakfast we all set out in Josphat’s car at 09:00.

Kitale AirportAt first the Fly540 plane was expected soon after eleven o’clock, then on to Lodwar with some passengers before arriving back at Kitale on its way to Nairobi.  News then came through that another plane had brushed by the FLY540 at Nairobi and there would be a delay.

Next announcement was that the plane was too damaged to fly and that other arrangements were being made.  A smaller plane would be sent for the Lodwar passengers, which would have to transport them in two batches as there was insufficient space for them all.  A even smaller plane would be sent for the Nairobi trip – just a tiny five-seater. 

Eventually, Chris and Linda got off at 15:30.  We’ve since had a text to say that they’ve arrived after an interesting flight!

And  They're Off

Weather during the morning had been very sunny but the regular rains of the afternoon had set in by the time the travellers left.

The manager at the airstrip had a very different attitude from the guy at Nairobi who was rung yesterday and wanted to accept no responsibility at all.  He was apologetic, kept us informed at all times and even offered us all lunch in Kitale.  L and C did not really want to leave the airstrip so didn’t go, but he brought us back water and biscuits. 

Tina and I took advantage of the six hour wait to confirm our flights for next week but the timings seem to be fluid!