Aquinoe Learning Centre

Diploma in Special Needs Education

Diploma in Special Needs Education

Diploma in Special Needs Education

Aquinoe Learning Centre has started to run a Diploma course in Special Needs Education. The two year course, begun in December 2009, is designed to train qualified teachers who wish to extend their knowledge and skills so they can specialise in teaching children who have disabilities.  The instigator of and driving force behind the course is Josphat Shaduma, the Director of the school, who is constantly trying to spread the concept of inclusive education.

Participants have tuition through the holidays and are expected to write assessments throughout the course.  They also have a chance to use the school for practicals and experience how children with special needs can be educated with “mainstream” children.

The headmaster of the Aquinoe Learning Centre has enrolled on the course as he wanted to expand his knowledge and is undertaking the Diploma which is now available. 

The diploma is awarded through the Kenya National Examinations Council and the fact that the course is being run from Aquinoe shows how far the school has progressed in the last few years.  The Ministry of Education is supporting the programme and has asked teachers studying a degree in special needs to visit the school for practical lessons. So far two teachers from two universities are set to undertake their teaching practice in the school from September 2010.

A number of visitors from non governmental organisations are also visiting the school to learn about inclusive education. The most recent are the nurses from a local hospital.

Representatives from Handicap International are also set to visit the school soon.