Aquinoe Learning Centre

Agricultural Show

Agricultural Show

Agricultural Show

Kitale is at the centre of a thriving agricultural region and at the beginning of November the annual agricultural show took place there.


Pupils enjoy the play ground

As far as the Aquinoe Learning Centre was concerned, it meant a trip to the Show Ground for some of the children with disabilities and supporting staff.  The staff took the children, including Mercy and Daisy (who are sponsored through the ALC) around the show and several people were interested in finding out about the school and the philosphy of inclusive education. A few parents booked appointments to see the school and perhaps place their children with special needs there.  The children enjoyed the whole spectacle and especially the play area.

Pupils at the show

Chief guest was Mr. Kareke Mbiuki, an assistant minister for Agriculture, who pointed out that the government is trying to help farmers reduce post harvest losses by providing drying equipment and storage facilities and also provide subsidised fertiliser.

It was hoped that there would be a bumper harvest in this part of Kenya after the government provided local farmers with seeds and fertilizer.  Enough rain had produced good growth but unseasonal rain more recently may have created problems at harvesting time.