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Quiz Success

Quiz Success

Quiz Success

Groombridge St Thomas’ School was once again the venue for the annual quiz, which raised a wonderful total of £657.



The winners!

e teams fought it out for the 2010 title and “Does Grey Matter” ran out the winners with one hundred and fourteen points.  Second place was secured by “We Think Therefore We Sleep” who lost ground on the penultimate round, entitled “Football Team Badges”.  This year we included a new “fun” round which involved writing a caption underneath a photograph, the winners being “Team Bonkers”.

Folding up the raffle tickets – quite a task

We were very lucky to have an array of prizes donated by kind friends and the raffle raised a substantial £203.  many thanks to those who gave the prizes and also to those who bought tickets.

On sale was a range of Tina’s hand-made bags, aprons, tabards and scarves, plus cards made by Jean and some earrings.  These raised a further £74.

Scarves for sale

The weather was cold, but we were lucky to avoid the driving rain of the previous two years. The obstacle this year, though, was the route to the hall.  The school has been undergoing repairs after some flooding, which necessitated the closing off of some classrooms and the import of some mobile classrooms.  This left the normal route into the school impassable and the competitors had to pick their way across the dark playground and down some steps with the aid of torches.



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