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Volunteer Jade Starts Work at School

Volunteer Jade Starts Work at School

Volunteer Jade Starts Work at School

Jade arrived in Kitale on 9th June and was met at the air strip by Josphat, the school director.  Jade has been teaching some of the younger children and some of those with disabilities.

She writes:

“Everything is still very new and it’s been a lot to take in but I think I am adjusting. The children are great and everyone has been very welcoming. I have been participating as much as possible in home life, helping to handwash the clothes and sweep the garden! Rachel and Cindy are going to teach me how to make chapati.”

Several months ago, Jade had the idea of taking some books to Aquinoe.  She made a “wish list” on Amazon and invited friends and family members to make a selection and donate them.  She was thrilled with the response and writes:

“In the end there were 86 books in total which I was very impressed with! I have dated all of them and Lucas has stamped them. The library is an area I particularly want to work in as I think there is so much potential for development and I really enjoy working with Lucas. I worked with the baby class using some new books yesterday and it was very successful. I think increased exposure to interactive, brightly coloured books would be good for them in all areas of development.”

Jade accompanied a group of pupils to the local museum and writes:

“We took the children (middle and baby class) to the museum today. They loved it….crocodiles, tortoises, snakes as well as an array of stuffed animals like birds and the huge skull of an elephant…what more could your average four year old want?! Then we sat in the grass and ate popcorn and orange squash. We took a matatu* there and back which was quite an experience. I have to say I think I feel safer, if possible on the boda boda!** Still, we all got back in one piece and I spent some time in the afternoon observing pre-unit before walking home with some of the children.”

* matatu – a commercial minibus in which customers are usually packed like sardines.

** boda boda – bicycle which is used for carrying customers on “seat” at the back.