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Drought and Famine

Drought and Famine

Drought and Famine

The problems of drought in Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti are also affecting northern Kenya.  Rains have been scanty, harvests very poor and the price of food has soared. 

Josphat has sent us a flavour of the difficulties being felt in the Kitale district, which is much further south than the worst hit areas.

” . . . the situation here is bad . Food prices have rocketed [and] some families are fleeing their homes.This morning a man committed suicide not far from Aquinoe because his family had gone for three days without a meal.

Just imagine a 90 kg bag of maize which has always cost KES2,500 at the very worst is going for KES5,000.

I have been looking at the website and could see you have been doing  a lot to raise funds.”

Check the link to the drought in the Horn of Africa and help being given to save lives: