Aquinoe Learning Centre

Images of Aquinoe 2

Images of Aquinoe 2

Images of Aquinoe 2

When the trustees visited the Aquinoe in May 2010, the floors in all of the buildings were of red clay.  This is hard, but can be rather uneven and can break up with constant use. 

Recently the charity has therefore provided funding for the dormitories and some of the classrooms to be tiled. 

Josphat has written as follows:

The children of baby class were the first to test the beautiful floor. Their teacher Phones ** has specifically asked me to send special thanks because her children can play and do indoor activities without having to worry about dust.

The whole block of the classrooms has been tiled. The second picture is showing the outside corridor in which the children are fond of playing because of the nice tiles.

The children are very excited. The baby class leave their shoes at the door so that their classroom is not dirty.

Class six have bought a mat to dust their shoes before entering the classroom. I was very amused.

The children and the entire staff have asked me to specially thank all of you for the beautiful classroom environment.

God bless you all.

** Pronounced fone-ez