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Sheena’s First Posting

Sheena’s First Posting

Sheena’s First Posting

Sheena writes:

It’s early days, but…
… once again I’ve awoken to a glorious sunny day here in Kenya.  It seems I’m blessed to be visiting ALC now, as I hear snow is abound back in Blighty.

I received a very warm welcome from Josphat, his co-residents & the teachers are very gracious, as are the students.

My family & friends alike were understandably anxious about my safety given the recent media hype surrounding Kenya, but I would advise any potential volunteers to liaise with people on the ground, for this part of the country at least.

My only concern at the moment, is that the children may actually ‘pet’ me to within an inch of my life!  They are fascinated by moi, the white person – ‘Mzungu’ – & are all beaming smiles, which is a real joy.

I’ve only been at the school for x2 days & have had the pleasure of joining the Baby & Pre School Class.  This has seen me singing, dancing, drawing & playing with plasticine.  An adults dream!  I’m not sure what the coming days hold in store, but it’s looking good so far!