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The Sun Has Got His Hat On . . .

The Sun Has Got His Hat On . . .

The Sun Has Got His Hat On . . .

… and whilst I’m happy about it, even though it is a little humid, the locals are eagerly awaiting the overdue March rains – writes Sheena

I have been doing all manner of things since I wrote last, but have still not managed to spend much time in the library.  Lucas, the librarian, likes to remind me about this & tease me whenever he can.

The school has been involved in a combined Sports Day with other local schools and the number of penalty shoot outs have caused much hoopla!  Every week different school teams play against each other &, at the end of the day, the best of the players are selected to form another ‘super’ team for each sport (netball, football & volleyball).  This ensures that the most athletic individuals progress through the ranks, as the team moves from local, to district, to county … and eventually national level.  It has seen some of Aquinoe’s pupils reach the third round.  This is very positive result, as it allows the pupils to move outside their comfort zone & experience life beyond the school compound.  It is particularly pleasing when considering the number of students, which is relatively small in comparison to some of the other larger schools.

I’ve also continued to assist with funding proposals, this time for local presentation, helped write a magazine article about ‘Inclusive Education’ and am occasionally drafted in to help out with administration.

Then I spent a happy week with Baby Class, those adorable little munchkins.  It meant that I could quite happily help the children draw, colour & make plasticine models without needing any excuses to be doing so.

Josphat, the School Director, Cindy & I travelled out to Manor House Agricultural Centre to investigate bio-intensive farming.  It was a very enlightening trip & something the Director is hoping to build on, enabling the school to become more self-sufficient in the future, which can only be a good thing.

Then on Saturday I was happily playing on Facebook, before being asked to assist with an unresponsive child with suspected malaria.  Fortunately, we managed to get her to hospital on time, the injection worked and she continues with her medication, but it kind of puts things in perspective!