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Request For Funding

Request For Funding

Request For Funding

The ALC trustees would love to raise some money to assist Jade Lee to volunteer at Aquinoe again.


Jade went to Aquinoe as a volunteer in June and July 2011.  As an Early Years teacher she used many of her skills at the school, and was able to demonstrate some interesting and up-to-date methods of teaching young children literacy and maths.

When she returned to the UK she vowed she would go back to Aquinoe to help the children and also to do some training with the teachers in modern methods, involving learning through gaining the pupils’ interest rather than simply by rote. 

The trustees would love recognise that Jade would be a really valuable asset to the school, and would like to help her get to Aquinoe in the summer. 

Volunteers normally fund their own visit, but as Jade is undertaking an MA at the moment she has no spare cash to fund this.  We are therefore putting out a request for specific funding for Jade that would not go to general funds for the school. She will need:

  • Return fare London to Nairobi – about £650.00
  • Visa – £30
  • Internal return flight Nairobi to Kitale – about £150.00
  • Board and lodging whilst at Aquinoe – about £200.

Total would therefore be about £1,000.

Any money raised would go into a separate bank account, specifically for Jade as a volunteer. The trustees request that you write a brief note (by email or letter) to indicate that you wish your donation to be used for this purpose. 

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause which will be of great value to the school, please contact Jean on the charity email –