Aquinoe Learning Centre

Quiz 2013

Quiz 2013

We have just staged another successful quiz at Groombridge St Thomas’ School, raising a total of £344 for the Aquinoe Learning Centre. 

I enjoy taking part in quizzes but I think I enjoy devising questions for others to attempt to answer even more.

I find much of my source material online or in books which other people have collated, but it’s fun checking everything for errors.  Did I really write that?

I always give myself several months in which to complete all the rounds, and I certainly need that much time – choosing the titles for each round, finding suitable questions and checking answers.  It’s not possible to have unambiguous questions all of the time, but I do try, and there aren’t usually too many arguments!

Anyway, to this year’s quiz.  Seven teams took part and, although that wasn’t as many as we sometimes have, we can say the quality was very good and we were delighted to welcome two completely new teams.

The winning team was “What, no name?”, with a wonderful total of 105 points, although “Capel on Tour” came in a close second.

We are very grateful to:

  • Everyone who took part n the quiz
  • Everyone who helped to make the evening an success
  • Everyone who donated raffle prizes

The money raised will form part of our pre-Christmas transfer to the school.