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South Sudanese Pupils to Leave Aquinoe

South Sudanese Pupils to Leave Aquinoe

South Sudan separated from Sudan in 2011 after many years of conflict.

Fighting continues within South Sudan between different factions and many people have left, becoming refugees in the surrounding countries, including Kenya.  It had been hoped that the refugee camp at Kakuma in northern Kenya would be closed, but the problems have worsened and 44,000 more refugees have arrived since late 2013.  The camp is therefore now expanding.

See a Reuters article written in June 2015

The general situation in South Sudan led to forty two South Sudanese children starting a new life at the Aquinoe Learning Centre as parents sought safety and an education for their children.  Some of the children are orphans, and others live with relatives.  Despite their awful circumstances, they all seem to have a “thirst for education”.  Tina and Jean met many of these children on their visit to the school in July.

Sudanese pupils at Kitale Nature Conservancy – Version 2

The fees at the school are very small but the parents can no longer send money out of South Sudan and after two terms of living at the school and receiving a free education, the Director of the school has had to make the painful decision that the majority of the children will have to leave.

The charity has been fortunate to secure sponsorship for one child, but has not been able to find any other sponsors for these unlucky and desperate children.  The trustees are still looking for sponsors.