Aquinoe Learning Centre

Cake Sale Success

Cake Sale Success

Some kind pupils at Colston Bassett Preparatory School have sold cakes in aid of Aquinoe Learning Centre.

A fantastic £50.50 was raised from selling lots of goodies.

Well done (M, A, H, S and A), and thank you so much for thinking of less fortunate children.

This is what M (aged 11)wrote:

Today A, H and I have been at my best friend S’s house. 
We have been selling scones, flapjacks, crispies, cupcakes and cookies around her village to raise money for the Aquinoe learning centre. 
S’s brother A came with us when we sold the cakes. 
We charged around 50p for each thing but the buyer could give as much or as little as they liked.
When we knocked on the doors we told the people about Aquinoe learning centre most people really liked the idea.
At the end of the sale we raised £50.50
Mummy and S’s Mum (M) both said they were amazed.
I think Mummy might add £100 to that.
Lots of love
We still have money to raise at school.