Aquinoe Learning Centre

Inclusive Education Seminar held at Aquinoe

Inclusive Education Seminar held at Aquinoe

Now the pupils have gone home for the holidays, the school is not being used for “normal” teaching purposes and a seminar based on inclusive education has taken place at Aquinoe.  Parents, teachers, governors and officials from the county education office were invited.

Dr Odeny from Maseno University was one of the speakers.

There is much misunderstanding about disability in Kenya, as is the case in many other countries in that part of the world.  There is often a stigma attached to disabilities of varying kinds and one or other of the parents of an affected child or, indeed, the whole family may be affected.

Reagan is a delightful pupil at Aquinoe, who has hydrocephalus and is in a wheelchair.  He is making good progress at the school and his classmates love being with him.

Reagan’s father spoke about how the community has been harsh on the family, which moved many of the participants to tears.