Aquinoe Learning Centre

Desperate Need For Sponsors

Desperate Need For Sponsors

The trustees have been concerned about the fate of South Sudanese refugees for over a year.

Aquinoe Learning Centre had a number of them in the school of varied ages, some from the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya.  The situation in South Sudan is desperate for many people, see this recent BBC report

We managed to obtain sponsorship for some of the refugee children but sadly, the others had to return to the camp.

One of the lucky children who has been sponsored is named Queen, and she was living with guardians on the edge of Kitale with her two siblings who did not have sponsors. Now the guardians have disappeared. Nobody at Aquinoe knows exactly what has happened.

The children have been taken into school for the holiday and are being looked after, but it is vital that we obtain sponsorship for them.

£30 a month would be invaluable to these needy children.