Aquinoe Learning Centre

Giant Cheque from Colston Bassett School

Giant Cheque from Colston Bassett School

Jean received a giant cheque for a wonderful £817.16 from two of the pupils from Colston Bassett Preparatory School in Nottinghamshire on 10th November.

She gave an illustrated talk to the pupils to show them how their money has been spent and answered questions before receiving the cheque.


The pupils, parent and staff from Colston Bassett have supported the Aquinoe Learning Centre with many fund raising activities over the last two years.

Previously, funds have been used to buy musical instruments for Aquinoe, and this year money has been spent on the first phase of a rainwater harvesting project.

The provision of piped water in Kenya is very expensive so any means of using the (often) torrential rain is not only useful but of real benefit to the school, which would otherwise be wasted as runoff.

Purchase of materials for this project started while Tina and Jean were at the school in September so they were able to see the effects immediately.