Aquinoe Learning Centre

12 Days Later ……..

12 Days Later ……..

(By Minerva Chicken)

And I’m still trying to take it all in!

What struck me most about Aquinoe Learning Centre is the pervading sense of confidence and air of optimism amongst staff and pupils alike. It’s a ‘can do’ environment underlined with compassion and kindness.

I’ve learnt a lot from everyone; especially Jean. Josphat calls her the ‘mother’ of the school. Jean knows how to make gentle suggestions; when to speak directly and somewhat paradoxically, when ‘to go with the flow.’ All skilful work.

Aquinoe Learning Centre will always hold a special place in my heart. Deepest thanks to Jean for giving me the opportunity to return to Africa after such a long absence.

During the Drama and Dance performance two girls performed Africa My Pride by Bothkale Boikanyo. It begins:

‘Africa my roots

Africa my pride

Oh Africa, my motherland

I fly so rich and gifted

Our nation filled with diversity of cultures ……’