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Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust (ALC) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy

Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust (ALC) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy

The Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust (ALC) general data protection regulation (GDPR) policy is the responsibility of the Data Protection Lead as appointed by the Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trusttrustees.

Personal information means any information that relates to an individual that may be used either directly or indirectly to identify them.

A privacy statement describing how the ALC protects personal information is published on the ALC website.

General contact information provided by individuals is used to communicate with them about ALC activities.

There are two types of information that the ALC may store about individuals that it is in contact with.

The ALC:

  • stores general contact information if provided by individuals including: name, address, email address and telephone number
  • stores additional personal information if provided by individuals, with their consent.

Storage of Contact and Personal Information

General contact and personal information may be stored either electronically or on paper.

A person’s details may be collected by the ALC to undertake charity business.

The business includes the day-to-day operations, fundraising and marketing activities of the ALC Trust for the school.  This information includes the leadership, property, staff and pupils/families of the ALC school in Kitale.

The ALC will only keep contact or personal information while the individual is a supporter of the ALC Charitable Trust or for as long as necessary to provide information to the individual.

The only people that may have access to personal information are members of the Leadership Team of the ALC charity.

No personal information is passed on to any other individuals or organisations unless:

  • it is at the request of the individual
  • the Leadership Team is legally required to do so

Any information stored electronically will be secured by encryption and password protection.

Any information stored on paper will be protected by restricted physical access.


If individuals request to see their contact or personal information held by the ALC, it will be provided.

The ALC will destroy contact or personal information about individuals if requested by them but this might mean that the charity can no longer provide certain services to them.

The ALC will update any contact or personal information that we know to be incorrect.

Data Breach

If a data breach means that any contact or personal information has been passed to others without consent, the individual and the ALC Data Protection Lead will be informed. The ALC Data Protection Lead will determine in conjunction with the Leadership Team what further action may be required. Individuals whose data has been compromised will be informed.

Email Groups

Group emails will not reveal an individual’s email address to other members of the email group unless with the individual’s permission, or other members of the group already know the address.


If photographs are taken at ALC events then these may be used by the charity on the website or on social media. Photographic images will be kept for as long as the individual is a supporter of The ALC and the images may continue to be used in future publicity activities. The ALC will delete and stop using an individual’s image if the individual requests this.

 Website Information

The ALC uses a product to analyse traffic to its website in order to understand visitor needs and to improve the site for them. The ALC only collects anonymous, aggregate statistics.

The ALC publishes how it makes use of cookies on the website privacy statement page.