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Magnificent Masks and Excellent Eggs

Magnificent Masks and Excellent Eggs

The pupils of Colston Bassett Preparatory School have been enjoying Africa Week.

This has included two competitions, the pupils creating African masks and painting eggs.  The results were on show in the playground and Jean and Dave were really impressed at the creative talents on display.

Jean had the unenviable task of choosing winners in both categories, a really difficult job as there were so many worthy entries, before J and F were presented with their Easter eggs prizes.

The pupils, staff and parents at Colston Bassett have generously been donating to the Aquinoe Learning Centre charity for several years and always invite Jean and Dave to the school to speak about developments at the school in Kitale (Kenya) that the charity supports. Jean was able to display slides showing:

  • Improvements in buildings and classrooms over the years
  • What projects the charity has been able to fund over the last year
  • How the most recent Colston Bassett money was spent – providing table tennis equipment and quoits
  • How volunteers visiting the school in the coming year will make a difference

Jean also pointed out that it is not always big projects that are appreciated at Aquinoe.  Sometimes, the charity sends items like therabands or clothes pegs, as these can be used in the physiotherapy department as exercising equipment for some of the children with disabilities.  Pencils and crayons are also useful as there is always a shortage of these in classrooms.

At break time, B presented Jean with bundles of pencils from a huge collection which he had won in a competition.  What a lovely thought!  We will ask the next volunteer going to the Aquinoe to take the pencils with them.