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Song and Dance

Song and Dance

Jean met Baljit, who will be taking up a placement at Aquinoe in 2020, in London.

Baljit is in the process of doing a PhD at the University of Sussex and has exciting plans for for Aquinoe.

She will be going to the school for three months.

Part of her plan states the following:

“The structure of this project would involve 3 groups of children aged between 8-13 years old. The groups of children will make a joint decision as to whether they would like to:


  • Construct a song using various materials/resources and instruments available to them
  • Perform a dance to the music that group 1 have created
  • Write lyrics to the music that group 1 have created.


The overarching aim would be to put on a final set of performances in the final month of the placement to the school and/or the community depending on the capacity of the audience and the venue required to cater for this.”


What an exciting prospect!