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Sports Hoodies Arrive

Sports Hoodies Arrive

The 130 sports hoodies kindly donated by Barsleys department store of Paddock Wood and shipped free to Kenya courtesy of delivery company Interparcel have arrived at Aquinoe to the delight of pupils and staff alike.

The garments are brand new but there was a problem with the name label so rather than let them go to waste Richard Barsley, head of the store, offered them to Aquinoe.

Trustee Jean says: “It was a fantastic offer, and the charity was very excited about it.

“We know from past experience just how much pleasure the pupils get from previous sportswear we’ve been able to send over the years.

“I’m sure they’ll all be just as thrilled and it certainly looks like it from the pictures Josphat, Aquinoe Director, has sent us.”

Josphat says: “The school is into excitement.

“Please send our deepest-felt thanks to the people who donated them. We feel very much lucky to have friends like this.”

The hoodies were transported in six boxes which would normally have cost hundreds of pounds but Crawley-based Interparcel stepped in to ship them free of charge.

Interparcel is a major partner of the world’s best parcel delivery firms and as such delivers to over 200 countries worldwide.

Barsleys, founded in 1891 by Charles Barsley, is a noted family firm and going as strong as ever as the 130th anniversary approaches in 2021.

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