Aquinoe Learning Centre

Fantastic Family

Fantastic Family

May, Harry and Amelie are part of a family that has been instrumental in raising money for the pupils at Aquinoe several times in the past few years, both individually and as members of Colston Bassett School in Nottinghamshire.

Their Aunt, Alexa, spent some time volunteering at Aquinoe two years ago and wanted to give her nieces and nephews special presents at Christmas.  She had the inspired idea of giving them money to be spent on items of their choice for Aquinoe.

May said, “This year I am studying for my GCSEs and I feel fortunate that I have the resources to help me achieve the grades I want. I understand the importance of education and therefore I would love to help others learn.”

Amelie wrote, “I’ve done some research on the website and I would like my portion of the money to go towards some play equipment for young children …. as they enjoy it, but there is not enough.”

Meanwhile Harry texted, “I looked through the website and I decided that I would like to give my money to some equipment for the physiotherapy department. I thought this is very important because I want to help the children feel better.”