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Brilliant Boys

Brilliant Boys

Jack and Alex are cousins of May, Amelie and Harry – see

Their Aunt, Alexa, spent some time volunteering at Aquinoe two years ago and wanted to give her nieces and nephews special presents at Christmas.  She had the inspired idea of giving them money to be spent on items of their choice for Aquinoe.

Alex wrote, “I have thought hard about my decision with regard to where the money can be spent on the children and their school. I would like my portion of the money to go to computers so if they are struggling on a question they can use the chrome books \ computers and also they can have some fun with it if they are having  break-time.

“I had a good look at the website and maybe I can come and visit at some point and have a look at the wonderful work you’ve done.”

Jack said, “I have had a really good look at the Aquinoe website. I would like to spend my £25 for the kids of Kenya for play equipment so they can learn and play together and find out skills that they have yet to find out about themselves. I have chosen this because if you never have the chance to play and create then you won’t ever find out what you would like to do in life”.