Aquinoe Learning Centre

New Solar Panels for Aquinoe

New Solar Panels for Aquinoe

In an exciting move, three new solar panels have been installed at Aquinoe Learning Centre and maintenance work on the old panels completed at the same time.

The school had its first solar equipment installed in January 2016 at the suggestion of Aquinoe supporter Phil Humphreys who researched and saw the project through after volunteering there.





2016 solar installation 

Contractor Joseph Mwita, who has carried out all the solar work, says: “Replacement of old batteries, installation of additional panels and maintenance on the old panels is complete …. and the system is now working well.”

Solar panels are a huge bonus, guaranteeing economic energy supply in a region where power cuts and failures are not uncommon.

Charity chair Jean Thompson says: “This latest work cost about £2,000 but it’s well worth it. A recent donation of £500 from St Giles Church in Shipbourne in Kent has been a huge help. We’re most grateful.”











2021 solar installation 

Trustees and officials at the school have long been keen on the solar project because of the high cost of electricity and the unreliability of local supply.

Phil H, who now lives in Berlin, says:

“The ALC has been a true beacon school with its lights continuing to shine while the buildings around it are plunged into darkness during the outages.

“These additional panels should now further reduce the school’s draw on the grid, saving valuable funds for where they are needed most.”

In common with schools around the world Aquinoe has been struggling through the Covid crisis but is gradually getting back on track.