Aquinoe Learning Centre

 Lights Up At Aquinoe

 Lights Up At Aquinoe

Hard on the heels of new solar panels, Aquinoe has now installed much improved lighting with LED fixtures round the whole school.

In all, 46 new inside lights and 17 for security are now in action with the whole supply and fitting operation costing just under £700.

Contractor Joseph Mwita says: “We recommended the use of complete LED lighting fixtures which last for many years and are cheaper in the long run. 

“In addition, there will be no issues of changing bulbs which in any case can attract thieves.”

Installation began in early December and at the same time Joseph started fabrication of a special ladder for cleaning the solar panels, some of which have been in use since 2016.

Chair Jean says: “The school environment has been improved significantly this year, despite the continuing Covid Pandemic, and I’m delighted we have been able to help staff and pupils with far better lighting for studying and greatly improved security in the compound.

Josphat (Aquinoe Director) says: “The school is brightly lit and shining in the community.”

He also comments again on the solar upgrade: “The solar power is more powerful than before.  It can go without electricity connection [to the grid] for a week.

“We are deeply grateful to all of you who made the project a success.”