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Charity Tips Quarter of a Million Mark

Charity Tips Quarter of a Million Mark

The latest transfer to Aquinoe of  £4,165 brings the total over the 17 years since the charity was founded to over a quarter of a million pounds.

Supporter Dave Thompson, husband of founder Jean, says: “It’s a fantastic sum and all the more remarkable that it’s all been done by a small team of volunteers working from their own homes and relying solely on friends, family and contacts.”

In addition to Jean, other trustees are Tina, Lynne and Clive.  Over the years, we have had masses of support and assistance from family members and friends – we are all extremely grateful.

Jean visited the school in 2004 as a volunteer and returned to the U.K. with the aim of starting a charity to give support to the school and its Director, Josphat.  Things blossomed so that the school is now unrecognisable from what eighteen years ago.


Apart from buildings for teaching, physiotherapy, special needs and a canteen, all of the dormitories have been upgraded.

The charity has also provided furniture, toilets and showers, books, mosquito nets, sports and physiotherapy equipment and many other items.

Most recently, the solar power system has been upgraded.











We are currently hoping to improve the water supply, including rainwater harvesting.

The latest transfer includes £965 for the salaries of five specialist staff and £875 for various  items, including mosquito nets and curriculum books.

Jean say: “We could have done nothing without the magnificent sup[port we’ve had over the years.”