Aquinoe Learning Centre

Aquinoe Passes on the Baton

Aquinoe Passes on the Baton

After nearly 20 years, the Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust has run its course but has been able to hand on £8,700 to another charity supporting a school in Kenya – the Destiny Garden School, in Mombasa.  Destiny Children – A Charity Sponsoring Children’s Education in Kenya

Destiny Children is a UK charity with 100 percent of sponsor and donor funds, including gift aid, going to support the school.

The Aquinoe trustees are extremely sad at the closure, but happy that we have found a Kenyan school with a similar ethos to Aquinoe, to pass on the remaining funds.  Destiny Children is now hoping to become an inclusive school, by welcoming children with disabilities.

With the funds from Aquinoe, Destiny Children is already planning facilities for children with disabilities: ramps for classrooms, specialist toilet, dining shelter and library. Five extra computers, footballs and stationery are also on the agenda.

Some funds will also go to the charity’s emergency pot which had to be emptied recently for a new water tank and to repair fencing. Flooding in late May also hit the nursery compound.

Destiny Children has moved swiftly to use the funds from Aquinoe and work has already started on a new unisex disabled toilet.

Staff who have not had a pay rise since 2018 and are struggling with Kenya’s inflation rate of around eight per cent will also be offered a five percent bonus.